SSE Maker Lab

Have you ever heard of Maker?Do you want to be a Maker? Now, Maker Lab in SSE-CUHKSZ gives you a chance to experience and engage.

What is Maker Lab

Maker Lab is a makerspace in SSE-CUHKSZ that provides you with the tools, space, and skills to bring idea to life.

The Birth of Maker Lab

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Stanford University held the first Annual Stanford-CUHKSZ Technology Innovation Forum from September 10th to 18th, featuring a number of world-class academicians and professors and a series of lectures and academic seminars.

With the theme of Innovative Craftsmanship Culture, this forum explored to redefine the spirit of craftsmanship and to integrate this culture into universities and other issues in the rapid development of information technology.

The inauguration ceremony of Maker Lab, a key innovation workshop project between the two universities, was also held during the summit.

Maker Lab is also hoped to build a “zero threshold” innovative platform for the students of the two universities to integrate their wisdoms, skills and craftsmanship.

The Inauguration Ceremony of Maker Lab

What are the instruments in the Maker Lab?

Maker Lab is now equipped with professional processing and manufacturing instruments, such as UGV, UVA, laser cutting machine, 3D printing, thermal imager, mini metal lathe etc. These instruments provide hardware support for students' innovation and creation.

UGV-Robomaster S1

Robomaster S1 supports Scratch and Python. It combines abstract theory with practical operation and allows you to re-understand knowledge, experience artificial intelligence and develop the habit of independent thinking and hands-on problem-solving ability.


Tello EDU is a powerful puzzle programming drone. You can learn some programming languages like Scratch, Python and Swift from it. It supports SDK 2.0 for command and data interaction, and you can write code to command multiple Tello EDU formations with challenge CARDS, or develop fantastic AI (artificial intelligence) applications to make programming fun.


Prometheus100 is a hardware platform which focus on secondary development of unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs). Prometheus100, with high expansion rack, can be equipped with multiple secondary development devices at the same time. Moreover, This development platform is also equipped with laser radar, GPU board card, camera, ultrasonic module, etc. to realize basic vision tracking, image recognition, indoor positioning and obstacle avoidance capabilities.

3D Scanning and 3D Printing

3D laser scanners create “point clouds” of data from the surface of an object. In other words, 3D laser scanning is a way to capture a physical object's exact size and shape into the computer world as a digital 3-dimensional representation.

3D printing is made possible by fusing layers upon layers of materials made from durable plastics and metals based on a template, designed with a 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Each layer is about 0.1 mm thick and consist of liquid, powder and sheet materials.

What can you do at the Maker Lab?

Innovation and creativity base on the basic operation practice. So we provide 12 simple samples for students to practice. You can choose one from those 12 to practice and debugging program.

Which samples are available?

3D Scanning and 3D Printing for Reverse Engineering

Using 3D scanner to obtain digital model of objects. The figure shows 3D scanning and printing of the tape machine.

Laser Cut Mini Ukulele

This sample integrates touching sensing and audio processing function. Users can touch the string to trigger the corresponding signal to the processor.

Laser Cut Gamepad

Using the touching sensor to obtain the corresponding signal. The processor will send the corresponding instruction to the controlled hardware according to the preset instruction.

Laser Cut Desk Lamp

The desk lamp is a 5*5 led panel, which supports 256*256*256 RGB color control and brightness control.

Laser Cut Robot Arm

4 degree of freedom robot arm, with Bluetooth communication function, can be controlled by mobile phone or laser cutting handle.

3D Printing Robot Arm

The 3D printing robot arm was made by SG90 and MG945R steering engineer. The basic functions are the same as laser cut robot arm. But the control precision and strength will stronger than laser cutting arm.

Laser Cut Wheel

The wheel with Bluetooth function can be controlled by phone or handle.

Environment Monitoring

This model can monitor environmental data in real time, which integrate light, wet and sound sensor. With WIFI communication function, data can be uploaded to the cloud to realize real-time environment monitoring.

Arduino Claw Machine

This 1 degree of freedom mechanical claw was made by SG90, which enhances the grasping strength through the connecting rod design.

Laser Cut Biped Robot

4 degree of freedom biped robot can preset some action through programming, such as forward, left, right, etc.

Line-following Robot

Building your own automatic line-following robot that can race around a track that you create.

Ultrasonic Sensor

It can measure the distance between you and the object.