Maker Lab is now equipped with professional processing and manufacturing instruments, such as UGV, UVA, laser cutting machine, 3D printing, thermal imager, mini metal lathe, etc. These instruments provide hardware support for students' innovation and creation.


Basic tools

    Tool name


    Model number

    Electric drill

    Can bore holes

    BOSCH TBM3500

    Angle grinder

    For grinding and cutting workpieces

    BOSCH TWS6700

    Bench grinder

    For grinding workpieces


    Electric grinding

    Use to engrave, grind, cut, drill, etc.

    BOSCH TGS3000L

    Electric shaver

    For polishing materials

    BOSCH GHO10-82

    Air nailer

    For hammering nails


    Air oil-less compressor

    Used to compress air source

    Otus 2*1.1kw 60L

    Pneumatic wrench

    For locking or removing nuts and bolts


    Heat gun

    For heating

    BOSCH GHG500

    Screwdrivers / electric screwdrivers

    For tightening Screw



    For tightening Screw


    Hot melt glue gun

    For bonding workpieces


    Percentage meter

    Measure flatness/coaxial

    Guanglu 0-10mm Digital Percentage Meter

    Aluminum alloy l-square

    Measure right angle


    Tape measure

    Measure length


    Steel file

    For grinding process


    Hand saw

    For cutting Material


    Curve saw

    For Cutting various materials

    BOSCH TST8000E

    Bench vise

    For clamping workpieces



    Measure material hardness

    HL150 Pen Hardness Tester

    Vernier caliper

    High-precision measurement of workpieces (accuracy 0.02mm)

    Guanglu 0-200mm Digital Vernier Caliper/0-600mm Vernier Caliper


    High-precision measurement of workpieces (accuracy 0.001mm)

    Guanglu 0-20mm digital micrometer

    Analytical balance

    Measure workpiece weight

    3000g Accuracy 0.01g

    Bench scale

    Measure workpiece weight

    Range 30kg

    Impact-resistant face shield

    For protecting face


    Anti-static tweezers For Component clamping during soldering EXPLOIT Interchangeable Tweezers Set


Special tools
    Tool name Function Model number
    Multifunctional digital oscilloscope Measure analog and digital waveforms (programmable) Rigol DS4012
    Spectrum analyzer Measure RF signal Rigol DSA815-TG
    Waveform generator Generate Function Signal Rigol DG1022U
    High-precision bench-top multimeter Measure Highly accurate voltage resistance and motor drive Rigol DM3068
    Programmable power supplies Supply Programmable Linear DC Power Rigol DP821A
    True RMS digital multimeter Measure voltage, current, resistance, etc. Fluke 289
    Handheld multimeter Measure voltage, current, resistance, etc. Fluke F115C/F116C/F117C
    Thermal imager Captures both visible and infrared images to accurately measure temperature and find problem spots Fluke tis 45
    Soldering station For soldering workpiece Hakko FX951
    Smoking apparatus Absorb the smoke from welding Hakko
    3D scanner-small For Scanning small objects with high precision Four-eye industrial grade
    3d scanner - large For Scanning large objects Handheld 3d scanning


Special Equipment

    3D Scanning and 3D Printing

    3D laser scanners create “point clouds” of data from the surface of an object. In other words, 3D laser scanning is a way to capture a physical object's exact size and shape into the computer world as a digital 3-dimensional representation.

    3D printing is made possible by fusing layers upon layers of materials made from durable plastics and metals based on a template, designed with 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Each layer is about 0.1 mm thick and consists of liquid, powder, and sheet materials.

    UGV-Robomaster S1

    Robomaster S1 supports Scratch and Python. It combines abstract theory with the practical operation and allows you to re-understand knowledge, experience artificial intelligence, and develop the habit of independent thinking and hands-on problem-solving ability.


    Prometheus100 is a hardware platform which focuses on the secondary development of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Prometheus100, with a high expansion rack, can be equipped with multiple secondary development devices at the same time. Moreover, this development platform is also equipped with laser radar, GPU board card, camera, ultrasonic module, etc. to realize basic vision tracking, image recognition, indoor positioning and obstacle avoidance capabilities.



    Tello EDU is a powerful puzzle programming drone. You can learn some programming languages like Scratch, Python and Swift from it. It supports SDK 2.0 for command and data interaction, and you can write code to command multiple Tello EDU formations with challenge CARDS or develop fantastic AI (artificial intelligence) applications to make programming fun.



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