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I.     Collaboration model : 3 + 1 + 1                

During Years 1-3 of their university education, students attend CUHK-Shenzhen with a chosen major in the School of Science and Engineering. During Year 4, accepted students will enroll at partner universities to continue their chosen major and take courses which mutually determined by partner universities and CUHK-Shenzhen. Some credits earned can be transferred back to fulfil CUHK-Shenzhen's graduation requirements.


During the first semester of the fourth (4th) academic year, contingent upon satisfactory performance, Students in the Joint BS-MS Plan may apply to the M.S. program in the same major chosen for their undergraduate education. Partner universities will review applications, confirm that students meet admission requirements, and formally admit students to the master’s program, contingent upon completion of their bachelor’s degree at CUHK-Shenzhen.

Students accepted into partner universities’ M.S. program in their chosen major will enroll in and attend partner universities’ graduate courses required to complete the M.S. degree requirements.


i.     University of Minnesota (UMN)

Application Open: 2019/02/01

Application Deadline: 2019/02/28


ii.     University of Michigan (UMich)

Application Open: 2019/02/01

Application Deadline: 2019/02/28


iii.     University of California, Irvine

Application Open: 2019/02/01

Application Deadline: 2019/02/22


iv.     University of California, Riverside

Application Open: 2019/02/01

Application Deadline: 2019/02/28


II.   Collaboration model :   3.5 + 1.5

Students apply for shortening of the normative study period 6 months before the last day of the expected graduation term. Upon satisfying CUHK-Shenzhen course requirements for graduation, students admitted to this program will start their studies at partner universities in the winter term of their fourth (4th) academic year.


i.     University of Michigan (UM)


Application Open: 2019/06/15

Application Deadline: 2019/07/09


III.   Collaboration model :   4 + X


 i.     Columbia University

Master of Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy (MPA-ESP)

Students learn to drive sustainability through the foumulation of policy and the management of organizations. The program is unique in anchoring the study of sustainability policy and management in basic applied environment science. The combination of science and policy makes for graduates who have a complex understanding of the environment, social and economic dimensions of sustainability.


ii.     Carnegie Mellon University

The Master of Science in information Technology - Software Engineering (MSIT-SE)

iii.     University of South Carolina

**all majors in SSE include New Energy Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronic Information Engineering, Biomedical Science and Engineering, Bioinformatics, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Statistics



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January 30, 2019