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WEI, Bobo


Assistant Professor

Education Background

Doctor of Philosophy, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2008-2011

Mater of Philosophy, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2006-2008

Bachelor of Science, Northwest University, 2002-2006


Research Field
Theoretical condensed matter physics and statistical mechanics, Many-body physics in and out of equilibrium, Thermodynamics of small scale system


Dr. Wei Bobo obtained his bachelor degree in Northwest University in 2006 and MPhil degree at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2008 (under the supervision of Hai-Qing Lin). He got his PhD degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2011(under the supervision of Hai-Qing Lin). Dr. Wei joined the group of Ren-Bao Liu at The Chinese University of Hong Kong as a postdoc from 2011 to 2015 and then he joined the group of Martin Plenio at the institute of theoretical physics, University of Ulm as a postdoc from 2015 to 2016. Then he joined the Shenzhen University as assistant professor from 2016-2018. Then he will join The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (CUHK-SZ) as assistant professor in 2019. He mainly works on theoretical physics, including condensed matter physics and statistical mechanics, in particular the quantum many-body systems in and out of equilibrium. Dr. Wei has published 24 papers in the international peer reviewed journals, such as Physical Review Letters, Physical Review A/E, etc.

Academic Publications:

1. Bo-Bo Wei, Fluctuation Relations for Heat Exchange in the generalized Gibbs   ensemble, Frontiers of Physics 13, 130510 (2018).

2. Bo-Bo Wei, Relations between dissipated work and Renyi divergences in the generalized Gibbs ensemble, Physical Review A 97, 042132 (2018).

3. Bo-Bo Wei, Linking phase transitions and quantum entanglement at arbitrary temperature, Physical Review A 97, 042115 (2018).

4. Bo-Bo Wei, Relations between heat exchange and Renyi divergences,

Physical Review E 97, 042107 (2018).

5. Bo-Bo Wei, Probing Conformal Invariant of Non-unitary Two-Dimensional Systems by Central Spin Decoherence, Scientific Reports 8, 3080 (2018).

6. Bo-Bo Wei and Xiao-Chen Lv, Fidelity Susceptibility in the Quantum Rabi Model, Physical Review A 97, 013845 (2018).

7. Bo-Bo Wei, Quantum Work Relations and Response Theory in parity-time-Symmetric Quantum Systems, Physical Review E 97, 012114 (2018).

8. Bo-Bo Wei, Links between Dissipation and Renyi Divergences in PT-Symmetric Quantum Mechanics, Physical Review A 97, 012105 (2018).

9. Bo-Bo Wei, Probing Yang-Lee Edge Singularity by Central Spin Decoherence, New Journal of Physics, 19, 083009 (2017).

10. Bo-Bo Wei and Liang Jin, Universal Critical Behaviors in Non-Hermitian Phase Transitions, Scientific Reports 7, 7165 (2017).

11. Bo-Bo Wei and M. B. Plenio, Relations between dissipated work in a non-equilibrium process and the family of Renyi divergences, New Journal of Physics, 19, 023002 (2017).

12. Bo-Bo Wei, Insights into Phase Transitions and Entanglement from Density Functional Theory, New Journal of Physics, 18, 113035 (2016).

13. Bo-Bo Wei, Zhan-Feng Jiang and Ren-Bao Liu, Thermodynamic holography, Scientific Reports 5, 15077 (2015).

14. Bo-Bo Wei, Christian Burk, Jorg Wrachtrup and Ren-Bao Liu, Magnetic ordering of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond via resonator-mediated coupling, EPJ Quantum technology 2, 18 (2015).

15. Xin-hua Peng, Hui Zhou, Bo-Bo Wei, Jiang-Yu Cui, Jiang-Feng Du and Ren-Bao Liu, Experimental Observation of Lee-Yang Zeros, Physical Review Letters 114, 010601 (2015).(Editor’s Suggestion)

16. Bo-Bo Wei, Shao-Wen Chen, Hoi-Chun Po and Ren-Bao Liu, Phase Transitions in the Complex Plane of Physical Parameters, Scientific Reports 4, 5202 (2014).

17. Bo-Bo Wei and Chen-Ning Yang, Solvable Lattice Gas Models with Three Phases, Europhysics Letters 102, 66006 (2013).

18. Bo-Bo Wei and Ren-Bao Liu, Lee-Yang Zeros and Critical Times in Decoherence of a Probe Spin Coupled to a Bath, Physical Review Letters 109, 185701 (2012).(Editor’s Suggestion)

19. Bo-Bo Wei, One-Dimensional w-Component Fermions and Bosons with Delta Function Interaction, Chinese Physics Letters 28, 090508 (2011).

20. Bo-Bo Wei and Chen-Ning Yang, Pair distribution function of one-dimensional hard-sphere Fermi and Bose systems, Europhysics Letters 87, 10005 (2009).

21. Bo-Bo Wei, Shi-Jian Gu, and Hai-Qing Lin, Ground-state properties of a Tonks-Girardeau gas in a periodic potential, Physical Review A 79, 063627 (2009).

22. Bo-Bo Wei, Wave function and pair distribution function of a dilute Bose gas, Modern Physics Letters B, 23, 15 (2009).

23. Bo-Bo Wei, Two one-dimensional interacting particles in a harmonic trap International Journal of Modern Physics B, 23, 3507 (2009).

24. Bo-Bo Wei, Shi-Jian Gu, and Hai-Qing Lin, Persistent currents in the one-dimensional mesoscopic Hubbard ring, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 20, 395209 (2008).