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【Academic Seminar】Optimal Foldovers of Orthogonal and Non-Orthogonal Designs

  • 2018.11.16
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You are welcomed to join the seminar talk delivered by Prof. William Li from Shanghai Institute of Advanced Finance (SAIF) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Title: Optimal Foldovers of Orthogonal and Non-Orthogonal Designs

Speaker: Prof. William LI

Time & Date: 3:00-4:00 pm, November 16, 2018

Venue: Boardroom, Dao Yuan Building


A commonly used follow-up experiment strategy involves the use of a foldover design by reversing the signs of one or more columns. In the first part of the talk we give a review of recent progress in obtaining optimal foldovers of orthogonal designs. In the second part, we develop a fast algorithm for constructing efficient two-level foldover designs that are not orthogonal. Recent work in two-level screening experiments has demonstrated the advantages of using small foldover designs, even when such designs are not orthogonal for the estimation of main effects. We provide further support for this argument. We show that these designs have equal or greater efficiency for estimating the main-effect model versus competitive designs in the literature and that our algorithmic approach allows the fast construction of designs with many more factors and/or runs. Our compromise algorithm allows the practitioner to choose among many designs making a trade-off between efficiency of the main effect estimates and correlation of the two-factor interactions.


Biography of Speaker:

William Li (李文连)教授现为上海交通大学上海高级金融学院(SAIF)管理学教授。在全职加入SAIF前,李教授担任明尼苏达大学卡尔森管理学院供应链与运营学终身教授及Eric Jing讲席教授,并曾在复旦大学管理学院任特聘教授。

 William Li教授的论文集中发表在应用统计领域的一流杂志中,特别是在实验设计领域中认可的顶级杂志(例如:Technometrics, Journal of the American Statistics Association)。另外,其参与撰写的“应用线性统计模型”(第5版)是被广泛采用的一本统计教科书,也在学术界被多次引用(最新SCI的引用次数为933)。他曾担任Technometrics杂志的副主编。作为对李教授学术贡献的认可,2013年他被授予美国统计协会的Fellow(院士)。同时,李教授拥有着非常丰富的教学经验,曾5次荣获明尼苏达大学卡尔森管理学院优秀教学奖,并荣获2018年复旦大学EMBA优秀老师奖。