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Senior Lecturer

Education Background

PhD (University of Cambridge)

BE (University of Auckland)

Research Field
Biofuel Production


Dr. Arjan Abeynaike has a long-standing interest in developing sustainable technologies, particularly in the area of New Energy. Following this interest, Arjan obtained a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge where he studied the separation of glycerol in biodiesel production. After graduating, he worked in industry for BP where he carried out research on novel biofuels and provided engineering services to a petrochemical plant. He has also worked as a safety and risk consultant for the oil and gas industry.

Arjan joined CUHK(SZ) in 2018 as a Senior Lecturer at the School of Science and Engineering where he teaches courses in New Energy.

Academic Publications:

A. Abeynaike, Venkatesh S. (2017) Reliability modelling of over-pressure protection systems for oil and gas flowlines. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries 50 257-265

A. Abeynaike, J.F. Davidson, M.R. Mackley (2013) The experimental observation and modelling of film thinning and film retraction during the interfacial coalescence of biodiesel and glycerol droplets. Journal of the American Oil Chemists’ Society 90 1049-1062.

A. Abeynaike, A.J. Sederman, Y. Khan, M.L. Johns, J.F. Davidson, M.R. Mackley (2012) The experimental measurement and modelling of sedimentation and creaming for glycerol/biodiesel droplet dispersions. Chemical Engineering Science 79 125-137.

A. Abeynaike, L. Wang, M.I. Jones, D.A. Patterson (2011) Pyrolysed powdered mussel shells for eutrophication control: effect of particle size and powder concentration on the mechanism and extent of phosphate removal. Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering 6 231-243.

A. Khirwal, A. Abeynaike, Vekatesh S. (2017) Handling uncertainty in LOPA and SIF design. 13th Global Congress on Process Safety

M.I. Jones, L. Wang, A. Abeynaike, D.A. Patterson (2011) Utilisation of waste material for environmental applications: calcination of mussel shells for wastewater treatment. Advances in Applied Ceramics 110 280-286

F.G.F. Qin, M.L. Yang, X.X. Yang, X.D. Chen, A. Abeynaike. (2009) Experimental and thermal analysis of washing the packed ice bed in wash columns. AIChE Journal 55 2835-2847.