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Education Background

PhD(Nanyang Technological University) 

BEng (Nanyang Technological University)

Research Field
electrochromic materials and devices for thermal management of buildings


Dr. Ling Han obtained her bachelor degree (First Class with Honor) in 2011 from the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University with a full scholarship from Ministry of Education, Singapore. She continued to pursue her Ph.D. degree in the same school (2016) working on electrochromic materials and devices for thermal management of buildings. After graduation, she joined Create-Share Program working on the photonic crystals for smart window applications. Currently, Dr. Ling is working as a lecturer in the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen).

Academic Publications:

1.      Ling, H.; Ding, G.; Mandler, D.; Lee, P. S.; Xu, J.; Lu, X., Facile preparation of aqueous suspensions of WO3/sulfonated PEDOT hybrid nanoparticles for electrochromic applications. Chemical Communications 2016, 52 (60), 9379-9382

2.      Ling, H.; Liu, L.; Lee, P. S.; Mandler, D.; Lu, X., Layer-by-Layer Assembly of PEDOT:PSS and WO3 Nanoparticles: Enhanced Electrochromic Coloration Efficiency and Mechanism Studies by Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy. Electrochimica Acta 2015, 174, 57-65.

3.      Ling, H.; Lu, J.; Phua, S.; Liu, H.; Liu, L.; Huang, Y.; Mandler, D.; Lee, P. S.; Lu, X., One-pot sequential electrochemical deposition of multilayer poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(4-styrenesulfonic acid)/tungsten trioxide hybrid films and their enhanced electrochromic properties. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2014, 2 (8), 2708-2717.

4.      Wang, Z.; Li, X.; Ling, H.; Tan, C. K.; Yeo, L. P.; Grimsdale, A. C.; Tok, A. I. Y., 3D FTO/FTO-Nanocrystal/TiO2 Composite Inverse Opal Photoanode for Efficient Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting. Small 2018, 1800395. 

5.      Liu, L.; Layani, M.; Yellinek, S.; Kamyshny, A.; Ling, H.; Lee, P. S.; Magdassi, S.; Mandler, D., "Nano to nano" electrodeposition of WO3 crystalline nanoparticles for electrochromic coatings. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2014, 2 (38), 16224-16229.