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HUI, Ka Chung Glen


Senior Lecturer

Education Background

PhD (University of British Columbia, Canada)

BSc (University of Alberta, Canada)

Research Field
Surface Science


Dr. Glen K.C. Hui obtained his B.Sc. (Chemistry) from the University of Alberta in 1979, and his Ph.D. (Chemistry) from the University of British Columbia in 1986. He then undertook post-doctoral research on material analysis at the High Energy Physics Laboratory, Queen’s University, Canada. In August 1987, he joined the Department of Chemistry, the Chinese University of Hong Kong as a lecturer until his retirement as a senior lecturer in August 2014. Dr. Hui’s research interests include the study of the morphology and electronic structures of clean crystalline surfaces; and the chemical bonding of gaseous molecules on the surfaces of transition metals and/or semiconducting materials. The latter study is crucial to understanding the initial stages of heterogeneous catalysis. Dr. Hui has taught various courses of physical chemistry, including thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, chemical bonding, chemical dynamics and surface chemistry. In his later years at CUHK (Shatin), Dr. Hui was responsible for developing freshmen general chemistry course, and a series of general education courses related to the chemistry of daily life. Dr. Hui is appointed Senior Lecturer by SSE, CUHK(SZ) in July 2016. In addition to teaching Thermodynamics and a freshmen chemistry course, Dr. Hui is responsible for introducing several general education courses to the university.

Academic Publications:

1. H.X. Dai, C.T. Au, Y. Chan, K.C. Hui and Y.L. Leung, “Halide-doped perovskite-type AMn1-xCuxO3-d (A = La0.8Ba0.2) catalysts for ethane-selective oxidation to ethene”, J. Applied Catalysis A213, 91-102(2001).

2. Y.P. Guo, K.L. Lam, K.M. Lui, R.W.M. Kwok and K.C. Hui, “Growth of diamond and diamond-like films using a low energy ion beam”, J. Mater. Res. 13(8), 2315-2320(1998).

3. R.W.M. Kwok, G. Jin, B.K.L. So, K.C. Hui, L. Huang, W.M. Lau, C.C. Hsu and D. Landheer, “Sulfide-assisted reordering at the InP surface and SiNx/InP interface”, J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A13 (3), 652-657(1995).

4. J. Shirokoff, K.C. Hui and U. Erb, "The study of long range forces in epitaxy systems: the Ag/Si interface", Journal de Physique C5, 165(1988).

5. P.C. Wong, K.C. Hui, M.Y. Zhou and K.A.R. Mitchell, "LEED investigations of the Rh(111)-(2x2)-O surface structure: measurements with a video analyser in the presence of some electron beam disordering of the adsorbed layer", Surface Sci. 165, L21(1986).

6. P.C. Wong, M.Y. Zhou, K.C. Hui and K.A.R. Mitchell, "A LEED crystallographic analysis for the Rh (111)-(´3x´3)-R30o-S surface structure", Surface Sci. 163, 172(1986).

7. K.C. Hui and K.A.R. Mitchell, "Further observations on the stability of low-energy electron diffraction fractional-order beam intensities: hexagonal close-packed (0001) surfaces with adsorption nets designated (2x1) and (2x2)", Can. J. Phys. 63, 1377(1985).