CUI, Shuguang

X.Q. Deng Presidential Chair Professor

Fellow of Royal Society of Canada, Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering, IEEE Fellow
Education Background

PhD (Stanford University)

ME (McMaster University)

BE (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications)

Research Field
Data analytics and information system
Academic Area
Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Shuguang Cui received his Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, California, USA, in 2005. Afterwards, he has been working as assistant, associate, full, Chair Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Univ. of Arizona, Texas A&M University, UC Davis, and CUHK at Shenzhen, respectively. He has also served as the Executive Dean for the School of Science and Engineering at CUHK-Shenzhen, and the Executive Vice Director at Shenzhen Research Institute of Big Data.

His current research interests focus on data driven large-scale system control and resource management, large data set analysis, IoT system design, energy harvesting based communication system design, and cognitive network optimization. He was selected as the Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher and listed in the World's Most Influential Scientific Minds by ScienceWatch in 2014. He was the recipient of the IEEE Signal Processing Society 2012 Best Paper Award. He has served as the general co-chair and TPC co-chairs for many IEEE conferences. He has also been serving as the area editor for IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, and associate editors for IEEE Transactions on Big Data, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, IEEE JSAC Series on Green Communications and Networking, and IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications. He has been the elected member for IEEE Signal Processing Society SPCOM Technical Committee (2009~2014) and the elected Chair for IEEE ComSoc Wireless Technical Committee (2017~2018). He is a member of the Steering Committee for IEEE Transactions on Big Data and the Chair of the Steering Committee for IEEE Transactions on Cognitive Communications and Networking. He is also the Vice Chair of the IEEE VT Fellow Evaluation Committee and a member of the IEEE ComSoc Award Committee. He was elected as an IEEE Fellow in 2013, an IEEE ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer in 2014, and IEEE VT Society Distinguished Lecturer in 2019. In 2020, he won the IEEE ICC best paper award, ICIP best paper finalist, the IEEE Globecom best paper award. In 2021, he won the IEEE WCNC best paper award. In 2023, he is elected as the Editor-in-Chief for IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing and the Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering.

Academic Publications

1. M. Chen, N. Shlezinger, H. V. Poor, Y. C. Eldar, and S. Cui, ``Communication efficient federated learning," Proceedings: National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), vol. 118, no. 17, Apr. 2021.

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