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Maker Lab | Workshops are coming!

  • 2019.10.23
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We believe that many students may have full curiosity about Maker Lab, different workshops are designed for all!


Being intended to give full play to students' hands-on and brain-based abilities,Maker Lab provides opportunities for all to practice and to innovate. We believe that many students may have full curiosity about Maker Lab, different workshops are designed for all! 

Eight samples will be prepared for basic exercises. 

A series of workshops will be conducted 18:00--20:00, every Friday, from Oct. 25th to Dec. 13th. at Maker Lab, 1st floor of Zhi Xin Building. No need to book in advance, just come directly!

One sample will be themed a time, including the assembling and programming process.

An operating kit is available to every participant.

Each sample is accompanied with a detailed guidance to ensure every student can get started.

Find the time schedule of each workshop below:


                                                            Oct. 25th 18:00—20:00 

                                                                     Laser Cut Desk Lamp and Programming

The desk lamp is a 5*5 led panel, supporting 256*256*256 RGB color control and brightness control.



                                                                  Nov. 1st 18:00—20:00

                                                                           Arduino Claw Machine and Programming

The one degree of freedom machanical claw was made by SG90, which enhances the graspng strength through the connecting rod design.


                                                                  Nov. 8th 18:00—20:00

                                                                         Laser Cut Robot Arm and Programming

  The four degree of freedom robot arm with Bluetooth communication function can be controlled by mobile phone or laser cutting handle.


                                                                 Nov. 15th 18:00—20:00

                                                                            Laser Cut Mini Ukulele and Programming 

The sample integrates touching sensing and audio processing function. Users can touch and string to trigger the corresponding signal to the processor.


                                                                   Nov. 22th 18:00—20:00 

                                                                          Laser Cut Wheel and Programming

                                                The wheel with Bluetooth function can be controlled by phone or handle


                                                                 Nov. 29th 18:00—20:00

                                                                           Environment Monitoring and Programming

 With Wi-Fi communication function, data can be uploadedn to the cloud to realize real-time environment monitoring.


                                                                      Dec. 6th 18:00—20:00

                                                                          Laser Cut Gamepad and Programming

  Using the touching sensor to obtain the corresponding signal, the processor will send the corresponding instruction to the controlled hardware according to the preset instruction.


                                                                    Dec. 13th 18:00—20:00 

                                                                      Laser Cut Biped Robot and Programming

    The four degree of freedom biped robot can preset some action through programming, such as forward, left, right, etc.


                                                         3D Print Game Schedule Updates

In consideration of many students  intersted in this game but need to participatein the mid-term exams,  the submission deadline has been extended to November 1st: 


Nov. 1st : sign-up deadline. Each competition team should submit a text version of the creative description according to the game theme.

Nov. 4th: Pre-competition training will be informed via Email.

Nov. 11th: Batch printing

Mid-late Nov: Publish the short-listed works through Wechat Public Account and conduct a five-day online vote.

Late Nov: Close of voting. Announce the winners via poster, as well the prize collection.