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— Q&A on Registry Matters —

1. Add & Drop

Q: If students have selected courses before the term starts, can they still apply to add/drop courses?

A: The add/drop period is in the first two weeks of terms. During the add/drop period, if satisfying pre-requisites and meeting the quota requirement, students can add/drop courses in Student Information System (SIS).

If students could not add/drop courses by themselves due to pre-requisites or quota limited issue, etc., students can submit course add/drop application form in SIS.


Q: After the add/drop period, can students still add/drop courses?

A: Students need to submit the late course add forms to School Office, while submit the late course drop forms to the Registry Office. The application could be rejected unless justified reasons are provided. 


Q: Does it mean that the application will be approved once the application form is submitted and supporting documents are provided?

A: No, it is just the first step. The assessment and approval procedures have not been completed. Students should continue attending class/examination and submitting homework until you confirm the updates in SIS.


2.Change of Major

Q: When could students apply to change their majors?

A: Students are not allowed to change majors/schools in the first year.

Change of major cross Schools: The Registry office will inform the application period and procedures via email. Usually the application is open during the Summer Term within a prescribed period. 

Change of major within School: The School will inform the application period and procedures via email. Usually the application is open at the end of the Term 2 within a prescribed period.


Q: What are the requirements for change of major?

A: Change of major cross Schools:

1. The student has taken course(s) of at least 6 units with an average grade of not less than B- that would count towards the major requirements of the programme; or

2. Admission score of the student must be better than the student at the lowest decile who had been successfully admitted to the programme concerned in the same Province in the same year that s/he was first admitted to the University; or

3. The student has attained a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above in the current academic year.

*for particular schools, interview or test may be held.

Change of major within School: Students’ GPA will be referred to


Q: What is the application procedure of changing majors?

A: Change of major cross schools: Students should submit applications by filling in the online form in Student Information System (SIS) within the prescribed period, indicating fulfillment of at least one of the conditions for change of majors, and submit some supporting documents for Schools’ reference, e.g. unofficial transcript, admission score ranking certification (issued by the Registry upon query), if applicable. Students should also pay attention to other requirements, e.g. interview, test,( there will be an assessment for the文科(liberal arts)gaokao students who apply to transfer into SSE) etc., if any, as requested by concerned Schools.

After the assessment, students could check the result in SIS.

Change of major within school: Students should submit an application form and transcripts to Schools within the prescribed period.

After the assessment, School will release result to students via email.


3.Course and Unit Exemption

Q: If students take courses in other Universities, would it be possible to transfer the credits back to our University?

A: Normally, students could apply for Course and Unit Exemption after gaining credits from summer program, exchange/visiting program, etc.

But students should note:

According to General Regulations Governing Undergraduate Studies which can be downloaded at Registry Official Website, no student with such exemptions shall be allowed to graduate unless s/he shall have:

(a) completed at least 72 units of courses at CUHK(SZ); (b) completed at least two-thirds of Major requirements at CUHK(SZ); and (c) completed at least two-thirds of Minor requirements at CUHK(SZ), if applicable.

No Student shall be assessed for graduation and recommended for the award of a degree unless s/he shall have attended CUHK(SZ) for at least two years.

*Please take the General Regulations Governing Undergraduate Studies as the standard.


Q: What is the application procedure of course & unit exemptions?

A: Students should submit applications for course & unit exemptions by filling in the online form in Student Information System (SIS) and uploading the softcopy of supporting documents (official transcripts and the course outlines). For detailed information, please visit

* The course outline should show the contact hour, or student need to provide relevant materials with the information of course timetable and study duration (the total number of contact hours needs to be counted).


Q: Is there any course equivalency information?

A: SSE has prepared a summary of course equivalency information from previous successful credit transfer record for students’ reference, please read the guideline carefully:



*Related issues of Add&Drop, Transfer Credits, Major Change, etc. Please contact via

*Please note that SSE reserves the right of final interpretation for the content and items hereinabove.

*Please note that the information just for your reference, it could be updated and subject to revision.


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