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LEUNG, M.Y. Janny



Education Background

PhD (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

BA (Oxford University)

SB (Radcliffe College, Harvard University)

Research Field
Combinatorial Optimisation/Integer Programming; Transportation; Logistics Operations Management


Janny Leung obtained an S.B. degree in Applied Mathematics from Radcliffe College, a B.A. in Mathematics from Oxford University and a Ph.D. in Operations Research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Before returning to Hong Kong, she was a faculty member at Yale University and the University of Arizona.

Her main research interests are combinatorial optimization and logistics; she has investigated problems in public transit scheduling, supplier selection, material handling, routing and distribution planning, facility layout, production scheduling and baseball timetabling. Her work has been published in Mathematical Programming, Management Science, Operations Research, IIE Transactions, Discrete Optimization, Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, INFOR, IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation, OR Letters, Discrete Applied Mathematics and other journals. Her research has been supported by the Hong Kong Research Grants Council and the (US) National Science Foundation.

Currently, she serves on the editorial boards of EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics (since 2011), Transportation Science (since 2009), IIE Transactions (since 2001), Computers & Operations Research (since 2005) and Naval Research Logistics (since 2001). She is an active member of INFORMS, having served as President of the Forum on Women in OR/MS (2002) and Chair of the Student Affairs Committee (2000-2004). She was the Scientific Programme Chair for the 19th triennial conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS) held in Melbourne in 2011.

In Hong Kong, she has collaborated with several local companies in projects on container management, warehouse inventory systems, mass-transit timetabling and manpower planning. In 2014, she has been elected a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, and appointed to the Hong Kong Logistics Development Council (LOGSCOUNCIL).

Academic Publications:

1. “Improving the efficiency of a hospital emergency department: a simulation study with indirectly imputed service-time distributions”, Y.H. Kuo, O. Rado, B. Lupia, J.M.Y. Leung and C.A. Graham, Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal, published online (2014).

2. “Scheduling of Multi-skilled Staff Across Multiple Locations”, Y.H. Kuo, J.M.Y. Leung and C.A. Yano, Production and Operations Management 23:4, (2014) 626-644.

3. “From Preparedness to Recovery: A Tri-level Programming Model for Disaster Relief Planning”, IROHARA Takashi; KUO Yong Hong and LEUNG J.M.Y., in D. Pacino, S. Voss, R.M. Jensen (eds.) Computational Logistics, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8197, pp.213-228. Heidelberg, Germany: Springer Verlag, 2013.

4. “A Polytope for a Product of Real Linear Functions in Zero-One variables”, O. Gunluk, J. Lee and J. Leung, in J. Lee and S. Leyffer (Eds), Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming (The IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications, vol. 154, Springer), 2012.

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