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— Message from the Dean —

Message from the Dean


Changwen CHEN / Professor

    Welcome to the School of Science and Engineering, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (CUHK-Shenzhen)!

    In the era of artificial intelligence, while the tide of science and technology has been enriching our life, it also brings us unprecedented shock. Meanwhile, the information storm coming with big data is disrupting our traditional ways of life, work and thinking. “It is the best of times, it is the worst of times”1. It is the grand goal of the School to seize the opportunities of the times, to face the challenges and cultivate inter-disciplinary talents in science and engineering with the spirit of innovation and responsibility. As the Chinese proverb goes, the School is capable of “operating well-devised strategies at hand to win a victory thousands of miles away”2. Following a historical trend to establish this interdisciplinary School, the founders of the School take into consideration the unique geographical, scientific and technological as well as industrial advantages of Shenzhen, namely the Chinese version of Silicon Valley. Based on this, we have designed a series of emerging academic programs for our undergraduates and postgraduates, including eight programs for undergraduates, i.e. Computer Science and Engineering, Electronic Information Engineering, New Energy Science and Engineering, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Bioinformatics, Biomedical Science and Engineering (new for 2018), and Financial Engineering (new for 2018); two master’s programs, i.e Data Science, and Supply Chain and Logistics Management; and two PhD programs, i.e. Computer and Information Engineering, and Biological Sciences. Establishment of more interdisciplinary programs, such as Material Science and Engineering, and Environment Science and Engineering, is well underway.

    “What makes a good university is not the number of buildings on its campus, but the number of Grand Masters and professors.”3 Driven by this principle, the School of Science and Engineering embraces talents globally. Within three years upon establishment, a great number of outstanding scholars from worldwide have been attracted to this School, including three Nobel Prize winners, two Turing Award winners, a number of academicians in science and engineering from various countries, experts of the national Thousand Talents Plan, etc. We have also set up many international platforms for scientific and technological innovation, including institutes and labs for Nobel Laureates and Turing Award winners.

    “A teacher is one who transfers both knowledge and morals”4. We are well aware that it takes tens years to grow trees but a hundred years to cultivate a new generation.5 We are considered the spiritual sculptors who can shape the morals of the next generation. We not only need to disseminate the doctrine, impart professional knowledge and resolve doubts, but more importantly, we also need to nurture students’ minds and characters. We would make every effort to train future masters in various fields, providing them with world-class training in academic knowledge. We shall offer excellent moral education and develop innovative talents who are capable of self-discipline and critical thinking, and equipped with both virtue and skills.

    “When a yard is shone by the sun, one can see a room; while the whole world is under the sun, one can see everything around.”6 We believe that higher education should not be limited to books or geographical areas, but instead meet demands of this era and go global. This echoes the mission of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) since its establishment, “to combine tradition with modernity, and to bring together China and the West”. Based on this philosophy, we are building a unique environment for students to seamlessly integrate Chinese and western teaching methods, and to offer plenty of summer internships and overseas exchange programs. We have signed with several key U.S. universities agreements of cooperation in successive undergraduate and postgraduate programs, aiming to bring our students from the internationalized platform of the School to the world to become well-trained talents with international vision.

    “Driving a cart in rags, we can blaze a trail in the woods; facing the wind and storm, we will charge ahead assiduously”7. This innovative School of Science and Engineering shall move forward earnestly and steadfastly. Despite possible long road with daunting tasks, we have every confidence in our cause. As said by the great poet Li Bai, “One day I'll skim the waves, blown by the wind, with sails hoisted high, across the vast ocean.”8 We believe that we will be successful in building a world-class School of Science and Engineering that becomes the cradle of top scientists and engineers. I hereby sincerely welcome talented scholars and students from all over the world to join us, and together we strive for a brighter future of the School!

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